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Got an iPad or tablet with a broken screen?


Broken screens on a laptop or iPad/tablet can lead to some people buying a new laptop or device but Casper Computer Repair can fix it easily. Prices for screen repairs are not only affordable but also far cheaper than other computer repair centers.

Casper Computer Repair based in Bradford are leaders in the computer, laptop and tablet repair business. They pride themselves on giving excellent customer service and always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and indeed this is affirmed in their customer feedback.

Their highly qualified trained technicians can confidently diagnose any problems quickly and proficiently, their aim being to get you up and running as soon as possible. The fact that all repairs are done on the premises cuts the waiting time down dramatically, compared to companies that send your computer away to be repaired.

Casper Computer Repair are also open every day and are often able to fix your equipment the same day. Don’t be deceived by the name, Casper Computer Repair expertise’s with laptops carries through to iPads and tablets too. Custom components and the tightly-packed layout of iPads and tablets can cause problems for less knowledgeable repair centers, but Casper Computer Repair are extremely experienced when it comes to iPads and tablets.

Casper Computer Repair don’t just fix your computer, laptop, iPad or tablet screen they also do it quickly and guarantee you 100% satisfaction.